Racy and lovable. That description aptly describes our vineyard hare as well as our new Gewürtztraminer. Gewürtztraminer is the perfect choice for those times when you are in the mood for something exciting and a little bit different. Our Hare Label Gewürtztraminer is a crisp, fruity wine with hints of spice and flowers. This is a fun wine for people on the move. Add a little spice to your life, and pair this wine with whatever you are eating tonight – you may discover the secret to why our little vineyard hare always seems to be in such a rush to get home for dinner.

In the 19 th century, Riesling took a back seat to the Gewürttraminer in terms of respect and popularity. Times have changed, but this highly aromatic variety remains the archetype of Palatinate winemaking expression. This great-Grandfather of Pfälzer wine varieties exhibits the aromatic qualities that all great Pfalz wines yearn to achieve. It also is the standard bearer for our quest to produce pure vineyard flavours that highlight varietal character instead of neutral oak and over-processing.

The floral, aromatic qualities of our Hare Label Gewürtztraminer are sure to provide a unique wine tasting experience, whether you enjoy it as an aperitif, with a meal, or just on its own. Serve this wine slightly chilled, but not too cold, let the flavours speak for themselves.

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