... to Lingenfelder Estate, a family-operated winery with 13 generations of wine-growing experience in the sunny Pfalz region of Germany. Our wines can be found in fine restaurants and wine stores throughout the world, and although we are best known for our award winning Rieslings, we produce a diverse selection of wines from many different grape varieties. Our red, rosé and white wines are produced in various styles (bone dry to sweet -- light and fruity to full-bodied and oak aged) in an attempt to provide you with the perfect wine for any occasion.

At Lingenfelder Estate we don't see ourselves as winemakers, but as grape growers. As "vine-farmers" our pride any joy are our vineyards, and we believe that wine is - or rather should be - a reflection of its origin in both a cultural and geographic sense. Premium single vineyard estate bottled wines are not made they evolve. You might even say "they just happen". We take a complete "hands off approach" to winemaking: no fining, no stabilisation, no cultured yeast addition no bacteria addition for malo-lactic fermentation absolutely nothing.

If you want to learn more about our wines, the history of our winery, or just need directions for your next visit, you have come to the right place. Also, feel free to drop us an e-mail as we love to hear from our many friends around the world!

Best Regards

Rainer Karl Lingenfelder

May 14th 2017

The cool spell ended,
almost summery temperatures are upon us
and we even got some desperately needed rain last week - the vines love it. This is a photo from our Morio-Muskat vineyard today.

Only slight late frost damage in the Lingenfelder Vineyards

Around April 20th late frosts did considerable damage to vineyards in the more northerly European vineyards;
Germany in particular. March was unusually warm and so was the first half of April which lead to early bud break and shoot development, making the vines particularly vulnerable.

Then the weather changed. Artic influence combined with crystal clear skies let the night time temperatures drop to -2.9 C in Grosskarlbach (up to -7 C elsewhere) for a few hours in the early morning of April 20th. As we don't have low lying, generally frost prone vineyards, the damage will be limited to perhaps 10% overall. Other vineyards, however, reported losses in excess of 50% even up to 90%. The last late frost we experienced was in 2011. The damage in 2017 is likely to be higher - we'll see. As severe late frost damage is infrequent in Germany it doesn't warrant permanent frost protection installations.

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