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~ 2003 Sylvaner Kabinett ~

2003 Freinsheimer Musikantenbuckel Sylvaner Kabinett
dry white wine, estate grown and bottled
(wine number 03-481, Lot-No 5 117 050 012 04)

A touch of honeysuckle on the nose is a wonderful introduction as you approach this wine. In the mouth, this wine is perfectly balanced, with a round mouth-feel and good, clean, up front Sylvaner fruit. Perfectly dry, this wine goes where most Pinot Grigios only dream of venturing. This wine matches well with white fish, with just a touch lemon to highlight the freshness of the fish.

Analysis   Additional Information
Total Alcohol g/L 94.1   Bottling date (y/m/d) 2004-06-16
Total Alcohol %Vol 11.92   Bottle volume 750 ml
Actual alcohol g/L 91.8   Closure natural cork
Actual Alcohol %Vol 11.63   Bottles/case 6 or 12
Extract g/L 21.6      
Dry extract g/L 16.7   UPC-Code  
Residual sugar g/L 4.9   EAN-Code  
Titratable acidity g/L 3.9   SCC-Code  
Specific gravity 0.9930   Code-USA  
°Brix at harvest 20.48   Code-Canada  
03481 1204

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