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~ 2003 Spätburgunder Rosé Kabinett ~
2003 Grosskarlbacher Burgweg Spätburgunder Rosé Kabinett
dry rosé wine, estate grown and bottled
(wine number 03-011, Lot-No. 5 117 050 003 04)

Pale rose color, with almost a touch of orange. The nose is somewhat reserved, but the wine comes alive on the palate. It is well structured with red fruit and earthy notes. Flavour is much denser than the colour of the wine would suggest, with structured pinot character giving the wine an earthy, pleasant, long finish. Food pairing suggestions depend on how you like to enjoy your rosés. Because this wine looks like a rosé, but drinks like a regular pinot noir, I’m going to suggest grilled meats straight off the barbeque to take advantage of this wine’s earthiness. The upside is that if you do your grilling on a hot summer day, you can toss this wine into the cooler and serve it cold like a white wine. This wine gives you the flexibility of a red wine’s flavour and structure wrapped in the body of a white wine, so whatever you try you really can’t go wrong.

Analysis   Additional Information
Total Alcohol g/L 97.4   Bottling date (y/m/d) 2004-06-14
Total Alcohol %Vol 12.34   Bottle volume 750 ml
Actual alcohol g/L 97.0   Closure natural cork
Actual Alcohol %Vol 12.29   Bottles/case 6 or 12
Extract g/L 22.0      
Dry extract g/L 21.1   UPC-Code  
Residual sugar g/L 0.9   EAN-Code  
Titratable acidity g/L 5.6   SCC-Code  
Specific gravity 0.9924   Code-USA  
°Brix at harvest 21.2   Code-Canada  
03011 0304

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