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~ 2003 Scheurebe Beereauslese ~
2003 Freinsheimer Musikantenbuckel Scheurebe Beeerenauslese
sweet white wine, estate grown and bottled
(wine number 03-943, Lot-No 5 117 050 022 04)

Color is lighter than the Riesling BA. What an amazing aroma this wine has! Sweet, ripe frutiness, that is quite charming – and without the burnt rubber elements that are common in Scheurebe. The texture is not heavy at all, and the high acidity gives the wine an unexpected freshness and finishing zing reminiscent of citrus zest.

Analysis   Additional Information
Total Alcohol g/L 141.6   Bottling date (y/m/d) 2004-06-18
Total Alcohol %Vol 17.94   Bottle volume 375 ml
Actual alcohol g/L 103.8   Closure natural cork
Actual Alcohol %Vol 13.15   Bottles/case 6 or 12
Extract g/L 129.8      
Dry extract g/L 49.3   UPC-Code  
Residual sugar g/L 80.5   EAN-Code  
Titratable acidity 7.6   SCC-Code  
Specific gravity 1.0329   Code-USA  
°Brix at harvest 32.00   Code-Canada  
03943 2204

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