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~ 2003 Riesling Auslese ~
2003 Freinsheimer Goldberg Riesling Auslese
sweet white wine, estate grown and bottled
(wine number 03-333, Lot-No 5 117 050 020 04)

Pale color – surprisingly so considering the weight of this wine. Deep, penetrating nose of flower blossoms and pear trees. Wonderful, velvety texture – pears and white flower flavours reinforce the initial aromatic impression. This wine is less heavy and more refined than the typical 2003’s, and coats the mouth without being heavy. The finish is long and smooth with a touch of lemon at the end that wakes you up and whets your appetite for another taste. This is definitely a dessert wine that cries out for a fruit tart – preferably one made from fresh pears.

Analysis   Additional Information
Total Alcohol g/L 112.4   Bottling date (y/m/d) 2004-06-17
Total Alcohol %Vol 14.24   Bottle volume 375 ml
Actual alcohol g/L 85.6   Closure natural cork
Actual Alcohol %Vol 10.85   Bottles/case 6 or 12
Extract g/L 79.2      
Dry extract g/L 22.2   UPC-Code  
Residual sugar g/L 57.0   EAN-Code  
Titratable acidity g/L 6.6   SCC-Code  
Specific gravity 1.0161   Code-USA  
°Brix at harvest 24.28   Code-Canada  
03333 2004

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