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~ 2003 Riesling Spätlese ~
2003 Freinsheimer Goldberg Riesling Spätlese
medium-sweet white wine from old vines, estate grown and bottled
(wine number 03-323, Lot-No 5 117 050 007 04)

Initially, the nose is rather withdrawn, and doesn’t give off its secrets too easily. Seemingly much more elegant and refined than the usual powerhouse 2003 Rieslings, with delicate hints of lemons and flowers, followed soon thereafter by a soft, quiet smokiness mingled with wisps of apples and pears. This wine seems perfectly balanced, and grows on you more and more with every sip, as it opens up and allows you to peer into its depths. This wine requires the attention of the drinker, so try it with your cheese course – a fresh, creamy goat cheese with a touch of earthy sweetness would go wonderfully here. Enjoy!
Analysis   Additional Information
Total Alcohol g/L 102.9   Bottling date (y/m/d) 2004-06-15
Total Alcohol %Vol 13.04   Bottle volume 750 ml
Actual alcohol g/L 83.8   Closure natural cork
Actual Alcohol %Vol 10.62   Bottles/case 6 or 12
Extract g/L 64.2      
Dry extract g/L 23.5   UPC-Code  
Residual sugar g/L 40.8   EAN-Code  
Titratable acidity g/L 6.0   SCC-Code  
Specific gravity 1.0106   Code-USA GLi 083
°Brix at harvest 21.95   Code-Canada  
03323 0704

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